the new weight

October 14, 2009

well, i remember posting 58 Kgs goal on Sept 15..

two months after, and my weight is 60 Kgs..hehe.. maybe i got it right reaching 60 Kgs before the lebaran day..

but then, there’s this lebaran week where i found difficult to stick to healthy we barely just eat the lebaran food over and over.. or should i say..rendang..and rendang..and rendang..

after that baby DEW got sick..and i choose to increase my intake, so i can breastfeed him often..

right after, i got again i tried to heal myself, without medicine..

now, im keeping an eye on my intake again..

i have fitted into 30size of jeans..

and also my US-bought skirt..

and some of my clothes..

but then again..i have my goal and will keep eating healthy!


the advise (and why can’t they stopped?)

October 14, 2009

im a proud mom to Drey Eshan Winardi who is at 4mos was 9.2 Kgs and 67cm..

remember back on, and still until today, i do realized and also warned by lots of book that, along my happy days with baby DEW, there’s going to be lots of advice given.. like it or not.. and yet it is so true! some are just lovable, but some..mmmhhh..better kept to themselves?

Here’re some for example.. and sorry, can’t help’s annoying my nerve!

all started when my mil suggested to put: Scissor (yes, scissor) above baby DEW head to guard him.. can’t believe it! that left me speechless.. and that was told not just once..but more than once everytime baby DEW is crying

other times, my effort to keep baby DEW at home, or in my room was questioned.. he’s only couple months, and yes, of course i should take him out with mosquitos everywhere in the living room, adult programme on and yes, it’s also a smoking room.. it’s not like he’s not doing anything in the room.. baby DEW was learning to communicate with me, i read to him, i play flash card, let him listen to baby music, play tummy time,..and many..and many..

i was almost cracked out when told that baby dew done nothing in the room …

last time i remember, when i took him out, he got cold and cough for a week..

mil relative was coming to visit and commented on me wearing a nursing apron while breastfeeding.. well, hello..i love my baby DEW and tried to take him everywhere with me so i can breastfeed him..and..yes..i choose to have my breast cover while doing it.. what is your problem?

some said that i should have formula to increase my bm supply.. other come up with, drink cough medicine to cure baby DEW when he’s having one.. omg! and this actually come from mil who touched baby DEW right after she was balseming herself..

really, actually.. i love those people, but then for some things, should really keep their opinion to themselves..

at 4 mos, 2wks, baby DEW is awesome..

i feel so blessed and happy..

he loves to rotate, he loves to smile, he chats back when talk to him, he throw tantrum or let other know when he’s hungry or sleepy.. he does great push-up..and giving his best effort when on his tummy to move his body.. he turned when mom or dad enters room and call him by the name..and he rolls over when putting on his tummy to his back..he loves being on his car seat..and he likes pulling all fabric and things when near him..

everyday is a day for us to be greatful to Allah SWT..

Road to my old wardrobe

August 24, 2009

i love being a new mom..

but i want my old body back! hehe..

This was my first pregnancy and my man and i tried to give all the best nutrient during that nine and half month.. i got milk, honey, multivitamins, fruits, and all kind of rice, vegetable, beans..everything.. even we were using olive oil for everything..

the thing is, other than that, there were also all-kind of favourite..chocolate banana bread..also my favourite..he.. lots of chocolate..mostly gift from my friends.. and then there’s this choco-cheese bread..eventhough i was always using whole wheat bread..but still..and then countless night of hamburger dinner..couple at score, over rice, mostly restaurant in citos..and then buffee at syailendra..and many more.. so no need an expert to predict the weight gain i was about to get.. and yes, i ended up with 23Kgs weight gained..

31 May, 2009  weight: 78..gulp!..yes, that’s much at this point..although im avoiding egg, peanut and chicken and every food traces with them cuz baby DEW was at the hospital, i’ve been stuffed with lots of healthy food.. (yes, at the hospital, food can be customized depends on the patience need.. for instance, i can have bubur kacang hijau no sugar, and sup daun katuk..or i can ask them to make pudding in the afternoon.. that was beside the original menu..)

4 June, 2009  weight: 73..and rest of the weight i guess went for the baby, the water, cord and the placenta

10 June, 2009 weight: 68..okay this number didn’t just come like that..cuz, i probably only slept for 3-4 hours because taking care of baby DEW..and that was mostly because i had to be awake every 2 hours..breastfeeding..and just about i was getting sleepy baby DEW woke up again and ask for feeding.. totally i was having sleep deprived.. other, at this point i only ate: sayur bayam, sayur daun katuk..and gurame..just those..i drank a lot..oh yeah, and there was also fruit..later on i started adding susu kedelai and yoghurt..

13 July, 2009 weight:65..literature once said that our pregnancy weight will be gone slowly cuz, when doing breastfeeding, some of  the fat stored will be used.. probably true.. now just have to work harder for the remaining fat.. food: i start changing green vegetable to green bean soup or red bean soup.. gee, i’ve been having the same menu for days for months..that’s why variation good for me.. well at least, i didn’t show up at the office on my resignation day looking 4 months pregnant..hehe..

my man said i can take Marie France Bodyline..or European Slimming Center if i would like to..anything to please me, cuz Drey needs a happy mom.. yes, i cant deny that i have been so grumpy over this weight thing.. <sighed> it’s not easy..but im still doing breastfeeding..and that is my first priority i’ll stay with any natural effort..

24 August, 2009 weight:’s tough..but it’s progressing..and the number is definitely decreasing..means im getting closer and closer to my wardrobe..yes!                                                                                                                                                                                                          Effort: Healthy food of tahu and tempe-boiled preferred.. red bean and green bean soup or just vegetable soup daily..and then gurame fried with soya favourite.. for drink i got lots of water and mango juice.. i also like muesli with oveltine in the morning..once in a while i cheat on fried banana..which is my favourite too..                 other: there’s this CLARINS massage cream for body shaping and CLARINS high definition body lift.. to me those two creams were really good.. i went for massage 2x a week..and use the other CLARINS high definition body lift myself.. they are not to reduce your weight, but in healthy way, help tighten and shaping and firming the body..  and only after several usage, result slowly shown… well result surely come with the price..

i am going to start PILATES tomorrow in Pondok Indah, and i hope that this will help tighten my musle after giving birth..

goal: one month from now, say September 15, weight: 57-58 Kgs!

Gee..i sure miss my old clothes..

and it’s been three month-ME

August 24, 2009

yes, it’s been three months since the grand premiere of baby bubee, Drey Eshan Winardi                                                   its so right what they said about time flies before eyes..  now check out how has it been

My Social Life:

Say before: 100% employee..always the favourite one i must say..(sorry, couldn’t help to be proud) he..                   and yes, i am those 9am-5pm people..

activity: fitness, 3x a week; swimming 1x a week; hangout: 2x a week; nongkrong sampe pagi: minimal 1x a week eating out,minimal 2x a week; holiday: at least 2x in a year, salon: uncounttable.. mal visit: uncounttable..he.. massage 1x a week:

after: let me check..

the first month-JUNE, i only got out for immunization.. and my visit to Darmawangsa square, was purely based on i-almost-ran-out-of-diaper so i had to do that.. other pretty much: zero..he..

the second month-JULY: my man were kind enough to kidnapped me and took me to watch ICE AGE and then UP.. and then there’s dinner at Amadeus and there’s another dinner at Red Tomato..and chatting at Regal..and Coffee Bean..just like old time(thanks, love!) he probably didn’t those time refill and recharge me so much.. definitely mean so much to me!

he then also got me to buy a perfect-purple gown and an awesome purple-heels for my boss’ son’s wedding.. remind me again when was the last time i wear heel.. raincheck shows: Last Year! those felt like the dates of the year..really freshen up say mind and soul..

the third month-AUGUST: it just gets better..there’s several immunization visit follow by ranch market shopping, PIM shopping, and eating out..

so it just gets better and better, right…. staying home, good for mom, good for baby.. go out, good for baby and good for i guess all baby would want a happy mom, right? of course at other times it will be so much better for DEW to just stay home with grandma..

My Body Life (and face and hair)

First month, JUNE: weeks after getting back from hospital: Awful..cuz almost none of the people i ran to not questioning about my body weight..comment varied from..”what happen to your body”, “how did you get to be this fat”, “OMG…”, “look at how fat you are”…”so fat!” some even repeat them over and over… 

honestly i didn’t hear (of course except from my man..who always and always support me for everything…) “hey, don’t worry about your body..your focus now is to give the best for the baby..and that include breastfeeding..”..or..”you are going to be a great mom..” or “try to heal yourself and needs a healthy mom..”
seriously, what happen to these guys.. dont they realize that i had just given a baby 14 days ago? no matter how much i tried to set positive thinking, that kind a put me in big set back.. it’s not easy when u used to receive theag, “sexy” and now “big and fat”.. let alone: my post partum depression was still there.. of course, on the other hand, it was difficult to feel good on 70Kgs scale..

Second month-JULY

the first time i tried on my old clothes was really nothing would fit on me.. i almost got to the thinking, “how did i fit into any of these clothes..” i then do as suggest by one of the book gave by my man, “YOUR LIFE AFTER BABY” which saying to pack all my maternity clothes..cause they’re too generous to my weight and i do really need to move on..but also pack my old clothes, not for good, but with 5months expiration days.. means i should try on them later on.. of course i save some of those all-time fitting clothes thanks to today’s mode..

i manage to get several clothes my size now.. not too many though, cuz im not planning on staying long with them..of course some of them were so definitely into black..cuz they make you look slimmer..he..

third month-AUGUST

I finally able to do my haircut! yes.. at Martha Tilaar Salon Pondok Indah.. it has grown so long cuz during pregnancy i was not allowed to cut it and my hair was already long before..all to the small of my back..great stylist..i also got it highlight..maze brown..not only that, i also had my hand pedicured, leg waxed and my nail done.. fiiuuuhh…talkin about a woman’s pampering day! all for 1.1mil..not so bad right..

i havent been able to fit into my old clothes..but then my weight has gone to 60 Kgs! im so happy.. my next post will be about this…

well then again, despite of my night with diapers and baby book..and baby sites..i look back and check what i have now, i certainly will not trade for anything in the whole world..never knew that motherhood will be this wonderful journey..okay, i had a few setback in the beginning, but im a so-mother who definitely will enjoy every journey and adventure being a mom!

best friend

July 12, 2009

The Day

It was my first day in office. I was introduced to everyone from Flops department. One lady was not in the room, so i didn’t meet her at that time.

Later on, we bumped into together, and i still remembered this warm, nice smile welcoming me.

Later on, she becomes my best friend ever.

July 2007 026

July 13, 2009.

I’m going to resign tomorrow.  It took me hours to write the resignation letter..

but it took me days to think of a way to say goodbye to my dear friend Liz.. i couldn’t even write to her, let alone save tears tomorrow?

For she has been my best friend forever.

She helped me through time of difficult,

She laughed with me,

She listened,

She shared her thoughts,

She made me breakfast every morning, well actually it was hers, but she let me have it..:)

She understood..even for time when i was having my morning sickness and recalled a break from friendship..

She gives spirit..

She cares..and it was unconditional

she…in her 1001 way enlighten me..taught me the meaning of friendship..of live..of joy and giving..

and yes, saying goodbye to her will be so difficult tomorrow..

for i know that i have taken a different path.


You will always stay in my heart. No matter how rare i will call you or keep in touch with you.

I cried when im writing this.

i will always pray for you and hope that you will be getting all the good stuff in life.

Please say my hi to your sweetheart who’s been very kind with the Honey..he..

I will miss u.


June 24, 2009

It is with deep thanks and gratitude to Allah SWT

that we welcomed our lovely baby,

Drey Eshan Winardi

Drey..comes from Dad’s name God’s grace, Worthy’s dynasti


born in Brawijaya Women&Children Hospital


53 cm

31 May 2009

at 6.14am


…we made a wish,

and the wish was you..

…for you are our precious one, for nothing else matter

because to us you are, impeccable..

Pengalaman melahirkan di Brawijaya Women&Children Hospital

June 24, 2009

The Big Day!

Man propose, God dispose..

rencana melahirkan caesar di brawijaya Women&Children Hospital yang sudah direncanakan sedemikian rupa tanggal 7 Juni 2009, berubah total..he.. memang manusia bisa berkehendak, tetapi tetap segala sesuatu berjalan sesuai kehendak Allah SWT..

May 30, 2009… just a week before

Me and my bubee had quite relaxing time at home..some quality time of course. Chatting, took order out cuz i didn’t cook on weekend and we were too lazy to get out in the day time.. beside cuaca juga lagi tidak bersahabat.. malamnya me got special request: beli martabak..

trus pulang ke rumah, kita nonton DVD bareng, the movie was, “taken”..yang main Leem Neeson, soal kidnapping and dad that’s willing to sacrafice anything to save his daugther..keren banget ceritanya.. pas selesai nonton udah jam 2am..sampe pagi yah.. my bubee continued playing playstation..his favourite and me about to logged on to my Vaio..

out of the blue, kok rasanya kayak ada sometin came out..seperti rembesan..tapi kok ga there’s no any sense buat pee-pee.. well, masih santai..

trus keluar lagi rembesannya..pas yang ketiga kali, me browse internet, and guess what..some actually experienced this as: ketuban pecah..sruprised banget..tapi belum panik sih. when i told my bubee, he seemed confused first.. none of us see that coming..beside aku sama sekali ga ngalemin tanda2 orang mau melahirkan seperti:




i prayed to Allah SWT, requested for signed..

not a minute after that, my water really flew..heavily! No doubt..

Panik baru melanda..he..

tas rumah sakit yang sudah disiapkan, walau belum sempat di edit-terakhir, langsung di muat and we rushed to the hospital..karena waktu menunjukkan pukul 3.00am, jalanan sangat-amat bersahabat.. jarak tempuh Depok-Brawijaya cuma20 menit saja..jarang-jarang tuh terjadi… masih sempat isi bensin lagi..and ambil atm di Gas Station TB Simatupang..

di Brawijaya Hospital


Dapet parkir persis samping lobby, security guy-nya menatap dengan tatapan, “wah, hari ini yah lahirannya..” langsung ke UGD, ketemu Dr. Sarah Djauhari yang cantik..trus aku langsung diambil darah, and dibawa langsung ke ruang observasi..dari situ udah ga boleh jalan..walau perasaan sih masih segar bugar..kontraksi aja ga ada..

Ruang Observasi

Di sini aku dipasangin CTG, buat mantau detak jantung bayi selama 20 menit..sama bidan yang standby aku bilang, aku ga mau diperiksa need..karena aku sudah request buat elective caesar..he.. my bubee setia nungguin.. rasanya perasaan bercamnpur aduk ga jelas..antara ga percaya..this is it..sebentar lagi bakal ketemu sama baby bubee.. pas lagi in the middle of CTG, tiba-tiba detak jantung bayi drop sampe 60.. bidan mukanya panik banget.. my bubee ikutan panik juga.. langsung diambil oksigen, super cepat and dipasangin ke aku.. jujur, selama ini kupikir oksigen itu masukin selangnya sampe ke 10 cm ke hidung..ternyata engga..cuma dikit aja..  aku disuruh relax and ambil napas panjang.. rupanya perut sudah mulai kontraksi, and babybubee ga kuat ama kontraksinya…jadi dia stress.. itu penyebab detaknya turun.. Alhamdulillah abis itu detak jantun baby udah normal lagi..

on the time being, pihak rumah sakit sudah menghubungi semua Operation-Crew..

Jam 5.00 semua dokter udah ngumpul..hebat yah.. padahal aku sampe di RS aja baru jam 3.30-an..belum pemeriksaan, parkir, dll.. jam 5.30 preparation sudah dimulai


1. Gyn aku yang okay banget dan sabar banget, dr. Dr. Med. Damar Prasmusinto

2. Dr. Gladys Rasidy, pediatric-nya Drey, yang juga okay banget.. you should see her doing IMD di ruang operasi..

she made IMD easy even for Caesarean mom..

3. Dr. Zulkarnaen..if im not mistaken yah..itu dokter anestesi.. two thumbs up for him, karena spinal shot yang terkenal horror itu, anteng sama dia, jadi kayak suntik biasa sakit sama sekali..

4. Dr. Diana, yang jahitannya terkenal rapi, iGyn juga..ibaratnya she’s doing the finishing..

all came with one assistant.. trus ada juga asistan ruang operasi dan suster ruang operasi.. ramai yah..


di Ruang Persiapan

Disini, aku dipasangin infus and stuff.. my bubee stil accompany me..

di Ruang Operasi

ruangannya dingin, tapi aku ga kedinginan karena pake thermal blanket.. kalo menggigil dikit, itu efek dari Spinal Shotnya..aku dibius lokal..abis disuntik ama dokter anestesinya disuruh angkat kaki kanan and kiri.. abis itu kayaknya udah mati rasa kakinya..he.. trus aku dipasangin kerasa karena sudah di bius lokal kan..

below, sekilas picturenya..


jam 6 operasi dimulai, and guess what… our baby keluar jam 6.14..he..

sempat ada kegiatan mendorong dari dada aku biar bayinya keluar..lucu yah..

he’s big! that’s for sure..

check out picture below with his pediatric..

Drey with Pediatric,minutes after being born

yang kudengar my bubee bilang, “ya  ampun,…itu dia..” kayak ga percaya..

and the baby cried really loud..

tangisan yang ga akan pernah aku lupa..

rasanya saat itu …… jangan ditanya… awesome feeling..

Dr. Gladys trus ngelead IMD session langsung saat itu juga.. and baby kepalanya ngangkat dikit.. dan aku masih rada ga percaya.. it went succesfull..dan lega banget rasanya bisa ngasih colostrum..the miracle fluid to our baby..

abis itu aku sticthing in progress..

trus aku dibawa ke ruang pemulihan.. sampe saat itu aku masih sadar banget..cuma rada fly dikit..thought because pengaruh pain killer..

di ruang pemulihan sekitar 2 jam..cuma buat satu orang aja.. i got my husband company me..

Abis itu he went on checking our baby..


i then got moved out ke Room 305-Suite Room di Brawijaya..

ruangannya cozy banget.. one of the nurse said, Cut Tari rawat inap juga di ruangan yang sama..

yang lucu, Indy Barends persis ruangannya di sebelah aku .. jadi yang ngunjungin aku pada seneng karena tamunya indy barends artis-artis cemua..haha..norak yah..

Brawijaya's Room

we stayed here, 4 hari 5 malam..

1st day: Operation – healing time

2nd day: udah bisa miring kanan-kiri, tapi sama dokter ga dibolehin bangun

3rd day: udah boleh jalan, mandi, and makan yang ringan..infus and kateter sudah dilepas

4th day: so much better

5th day: i did all the packing buat pulang..

Yang pasti Brawijaya Women&Children Hospital okay banget..

everyday, selalu ada dokter Gyn, Pediatric, dokter on duty yang ngecek..

susternya okay banget.. bisa request datang at any time..and aku termasuk yang sering banget manggil suster.. buat gantiin popoknya baby yang sehari bisa 7x..buat minjam pompa electric, etc, etc.. mereka juga sangat sigap and helpul banget..

Nursery sectionnya okay banget..

ada breast care setiap hari..

menu bisa milih and request healthy one..and that for Morning-Day and Night..he..

temen kantor suami yang datang se-gank juga sempat makan dan pesan nasi goreng di Rumah Sakit..he..he..

..adik aku yang special datang setiap hari, ended up on the internet semaleman..he..thanks, Cik.. couldn’t have done it without glad to have you around siz..

but really and trull, myy Big thanks goes to my beloved bubee, my husband, for giving me the best labour experience, in one of the best Hospital in Jakarta with great doctors and the best facility.. cuz you know how much i got scared with doctors and hospital..and labour.. and this us your way of pampering me..and you were succesful.. you did it !      

i love u always..

and forever..